Living By Design, Not By Default


Becoming A Man Of Value

Einstein becoming a man of value

Albert Einstein has always been one of my favorite historical figures. He was not only an amazing genius, but he was also hugely creative. He left a book full of memorable quotes including one of my favorites. “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” I’ve…

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Keeping Your Head From Exploding Like a Watermelon

stress exploding watermelon

Are you under a lot of stress? Does your head ever feel like the watermelon with the rubber bands in the video by the Slow Mo Guys?  Are you constantly wondering if the next commitment will be the one to make your head explode like the last rubber band placed on the watermelon? We all feel like our lives…

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5 Reasons That I Write

writer's desk

Writing has always been important to me, but like many people, the busyness of daily life has often distracted me from actually writing. Stephen King, among other authors, says in his book On Writing that you have to put in the work and actually write to be a writer. To Share Information I’ve been writing…

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He Named Me Malala – A Father’s Perspective


He Named Me Malala HE NAMED ME MALALA is a feature documentary that will debut commercial-free on Monday, February 29, at 8/7c on the National Geographic Channel. It is the story of Malala Yousafzai, a young girl in Pakistan who survived a Taliban attack that occurred while she was returning home on her school bus. The Taliban targeted her for…

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